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The sermons on this page are the most recent additions to the collection. You can find our other sermons archived by category.

You can listen to the sermons online or download for later use on your computer, ipod or other MP3 enabled device. Simply right click on the green button and choose "Save Target As...".

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The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind
We need to renew our minds so we can start to operate in the life God has given us. The demonstration of the Spirit in our lives will change the world.
  MP3 Length: 39:58 Size: 4.57MB


The Kingdom of God - Part 1
If you want to see God’s work done you need to seek first His Kingdom. God is working every single day and we need to move where He is.
  MP3 Length: 20:34 Size: 2.35MB


The Kingdom of God - Part 2

We have to be tenacious in the spirit realm and seize the Kingdom of Heaven.  When Jesus came to the earth He brought His Kingdom with Him and left His Kingdom here when he ascended to Heaven.  We must operate His kingdom here on earth.

  MP3 Length: 40:01 Size: 4.48MB


The Kingdom of God - Part 3

In Jesus’ name we have authority, and can destroy the works of the evil one. The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of God as we take them in His Name.

  MP3 Length: 26:49 Size: 3.06MB


The Kingdom of God - Look at What You Have

Jesus gave us the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and wants us to enter, accessing all the provisions today. Salvation, health, and finances are just some of the promises for us here on earth today.

  MP3 Length: 45:18 Size: 5.18MB


The Kingdom of Heaven

The earth is temporal but heaven is eternal and unlimited. Our Heavenly Father wants to bless us and is able to meet our needs completely.

  MP3 Length: 53:30 Size: 6.12MB


One Kingdom Under God

Are you fully persuaded that what God has promised He is also able to perform? There is blessing for everyone in the Kingdom and all we have to do is accept.

  MP3 Length: 42:15 Size: 4.83MB


The Kingdom of God - The Lord's Prayer

Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God extensively during the last 40 days before he ascended to Glory, and taught the disciples how to pray.

  MP3 Length: 44:36 Size: 5.10MB


The Power of Forgiveness - Part 1

Our actions and our attitudes can limit what God can do in our lives. We must learn to let forgiveness flow through us like a free-flowing river.

  MP3 Length: 46:43 Size: 5.34MB


The Power of Forgiveness - Part 2

Forgiveness is mighty key than can allow us to access healing – not just physical healing, but spiritual, emotional and mental healing as well.

  MP3 Length: 40:05 Size: 4.58MB


The Kingdom of God

God’s every action and activity is motivated by His desire and passion to see His Kingdom established on earth. The Kingdom must be our highest priority!

  MP3 Length: 43:14 Size: 4.94MB


Kingdom of God - When Two Worlds Collide

Darkness flees when the Kingdom of Light collides with the kingdom of darkness. God wants to fully restore his reign over the earthly realm.

  MP3 Length: 47:33 Size: 5.44MB


Faith - Part 1

By faith and patience we inherit the promises of God – victory through the Lord Jesus Christ. Even the smallest amount of faith is enough to move a mountain!

  MP3 Length: 39:25 Size: 4.51MB


Faith - Part 2

It is impossible to please God without faith. Faith begins where the will of God is known, and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

  MP3 Length: 34:10 Size: 3.90MB



God is with you in every circumstance you face today, and makes all things work together for your ultimate good. Put your trust in Him and believe in His promises.

  MP3 Length: 39:30 Size: 4.51MB


Do You Judge God Faithful?

God demonstrated His love for us by sending Jesus to die for us, while we were still His enemies. He is a God of much more and is exceedingly generous.

  MP3 Length: 38:18 Size: 4.38MB







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